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The Snake Run

As a working title, we have called this project “The Feared & The Forgotten" because these are the places we gravitate towards. The concept is simple - find an interesting, forgotten, sketchy, or beautiful spot, respect it, and skate it. We are skaters and BMXers at heart, but we are truly explorers. We seek out the unknown and the potentially dangerous. We smile when we get there and are able to step back and see how we have left our mark on a place most people didn’t know existed:

Sometimes in my line of work you think too heavily about what you are creating. You worry about what people will think and that what you are doing is not nearly good enough. I have been holding onto this project for a while now and realized I can’t not put it out there. This project really means a lot to me, and even though I haven’t had the time to focus on it, it’s something that I hope that my best friend and I can continue to work on in the future. Maybe someday we will get picked up by Red Bull, VICE or some other awesome company, but until then we will find time to create these shorts on our own.

Because this is what we do.

photography by justin keena



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